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Museum Perimeter Security

February 16, 2021 2:40 PM | Office IFCPP (Administrator)

Reposted from Art Sentry

Art Sentry, the leading object protection and surveillance solution for cultural properties has partnered with Axis Communications to integrate the Axis Perimeter Defender product into its system. This feature is designed to extend the protection of cultural properties beyond the interior of their facilities and assist with the early identification of potential threats.

Cultural property executives have historically lost sleep due to concerns that their collections may not be properly protected during the visitations of their patrons. Countless hours of strategic planning have been invested in the pursuit of maximizing exhibit protection from theft and damage. Investments in personnel, training and various types of electronic security equipment have all been made in this pursuit.

However, recent events have introduced an entirely new set of threats related to the protection of cultural properties nationwide. Civil protests targeting historical figures have repeatedly been organized and our nation has been littered with destructive examples. These protests start on the outside of a facility but can easily spread to the inside of the building. 

No longer is it safe to concentrate only on the protection of the artifacts housed within the walls of cultural properties. More focus is now being dedicated to the immediate identification of threats by these protest groups at the facilities perimeter, and new technology can be indispensable to assist with gathering more timely intelligence related to these threats. Early threat identification at the perimeter can give the security forces extra time which may be the difference between threat mitigation or the escalation of violence. 

It is likely that these protests will continue as history is ripe with deliberate attacks on cultural heritage during times of civil unrest. Often civil protests target cultural properties because the artifacts they house can represent controversial material and history. Symbols of controversial topics are often represented within and around cultural properties to present a historical record to be studies and learned from. Sadly, as passions are inflamed, these symbols are targeted and have become the focus of protest groups because their destruction is perceived as having maximum impact to bring attention to their cause.

The integration of Perimeter Defender gives cultural properties the ability to quickly identify threats where security starts—at the perimeter of their facilities. The video analytics application provides a highly effective system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on your property. It can be customized to the customers’ facility and other individual needs. 

This feature is another layer in the Company's comprehensive museum protection system. It is said that security starts from the “outside-in” and the Perimeter Defender capability is just another way that Art Sentry helps its customers Guard the World’s Treasurers.

Do you need more information about Art Sentry? Would you like to schedule a demonstration to see how it works? Contact us and we’ll show you the benefits of the Art Sentry system.

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