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Restaffing & Reopening

Check out our latest FREE webcast series - Security & Safety Considerations for Restaffing and Reopening Our Cultural Institutions

Cultural Properties Reopening Workgroup

Eric Drewry, the Director of the Department of Protection Services at the Detroit Institute of Arts, is hosting a recurring video conference call for security leadership at cultural propertieson Monday of each week. This call is intended to be used as a forum where institutions of all types and sizes can candidly discuss challenges, opportunities, tactics, and strategies for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Participation is limited to individuals with a direct nexus to a cultural property. The video conferences will be recorded and made available to the participants. Institutions are not expected or encouraged to discuss sensitive information during the calls. 

Anyone interested in participating in these calls can register by clicking here.

An Employer’s Guide to Safely Resuming Work After the Pandemic Closures 
While every business must make changes to reopen safely, there’s no single approach that will work for everyone. Employers must stay flexible and focused.

Resource: FREE Social Distancing Instructional Signs/Graphics
AMM member company Ascent recently pointed out a great new resource being offered by Entro, an international branding and environmental design company. Entro has made available for free download a series of graphics and sign types that they designed to encourage physical distancing, personal hygiene and protective behavior. The list of available graphics/signs includes seating and floor spacers, posters with new pictograms such as "mask and gloves", "foot pedal operation", and "hand sanitizer" that represent current challenges for many facilities. Signs are also available in multiple languages. Go to site

Recorded Webinar: AASLH Conversations: You Are Not Alone: Reopening Small to Mid-Sized Institutions
As the nation is looking toward a gradual reopening of businesses, what should small to mid-sized cultural institutions consider to assure patrons your team is doing all it can to make it safe to return to your place of business. 
COST: $5 AASLH Members/ $10 Nonmembers/ Free for anyone by using promo code below
PROMO CODE: If you or your organization are facing financial strain due to COVID-19, please use the promo code FREEWBR20 to waive the registration fee for this webinar. Register Here

“Reopening Cultural Institutions:  Security and Operational PrioritiesBy Darrell Utt
As Cultural Institutions across the country struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic and closures, the White House and CDC has issued guidelines for a three-phased approach to “Opening up American Again.”  The approach is based on current data, mitigation of resurgence, protection of the most vulnerable, and implementable on a statewide or county-by-county basis at each Governor’s discretion.  What do the guidelines mean for our cultural institutions?  What are the operational considerations and challenges for cultural institution leadership? 

Due to the limitations in Phase One (maximize physical distance and avoid social settings of more than 10 people), cultural Institutions should strongly consider remaining closed and continue operating with mission-essential staff only (i.e., select leadership, security, essential facility maintenance personnel etc.). Read Document

Webinar Recording: Preparing to Reopen - Strategy, Planning & Process on the Road to Reopening Museums (presented by Cuseum)
For nearly two months, museums across the country have been physically closed due to the coronavirus. In response, cultural professionals have developed and delivered exciting new content across a range of platforms to keep their audiences engaged during these unprecedented times. Now, as some states lift their stay-at-home orders and the world prepares to slowly reopen, museums are thinking about what reopening is going to look like. Get the recording here

Webinar Recording: Preparing to Reopen - Experimenting with New Digital Revenue Streams on the Road to Reopening (presented by Cuseum)
Over 2,000 museum professionals came together for a special webinar to discuss various ways to monetize virtual programming and digital offerings on the road to reopening. Get the recording here

AMM Bank of Instructional Webinar Recording - Here
Also check out their YouTube Channel for more!

FEMA Releases Exercise Starter Kit for Workshop on Reconstituting Operations
FEMA released a kit to help organizations plan for resuming operations during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The kit includes a fact sheet, sample slides, and a facilitator guide with suggested discussion questions that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization or agency. See Document

Barberini Museum In Potsdam, Germany List of Policies and Procedures for Reopening
Resource Link

Resource: Back to Business Playbook and Sample Return to Work Letters
HUB International has collaborated with ThinkHR to create sample letters that may be helpful to museums and other organizations as they reopen and wish to address new policies or return to work procedures to employees. Click the links below to download their Back to Business Playbook, sample Return to Work Checklist, and letter templates that may apply to your organization's or company's needs:

Back to Business Playbook

Return to Work Checklist

Sample COVID-19 Infection Communication to Employees

Welcome Back/Return to Work Letter

Employee Notice About Face Coverings

Recall from Furlough/Revised Offer Letter

Handling Library Materials and Collections During a Pandemic
From the American Library Association

Collections Care Amid COVID-19
From the American Institute for Conservation

COVID-19 Basics: Disinfecting Cultural Resources
From the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

Educational Materials and Signage Examples 
From New York State Department of Health, you can find their examples of Seasonal Influenza Signage that you can modify to fit your institution's needs around Coronavirus.

From CISA: Top 10 Vulnerabilities Routinely Exploited By Foreign Cyber Actors
As we continue to respond to the pandemic and work towards recovery and reopening, it’s important to remember that malicious cyber actors are taking advantage of the current chaotic environment (and a workforce that is largely working from home) to attack our networks. See Document

Release of CISA Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers Guidance Version 3.1
This Guidance is not a federal mandate, and final decision on its use remains with state and local officials, who must determine how to balance public health and safety with the need to maintain and/or more fully return-to-work critical infrastructure personnel in their communities. See Document


How to Ask for $ in Tough Times: 12 Tactics in 24 minutes
Date & Time: June 30, 2020 at 2:00pm ET
Price: Free
In the face of prolonged disruption and uncertainty, how can nonprofits ask donors for support in ways that are highly compelling yet incredibly sensitive? This webinar offers an espresso shot collection of ideas and practices to help nonprofit leaders ask for – and secure – the contributions upon which their organizations depend. Following the presentation, there's plenty of additional time for decaffeinated Q&A.
Register here and see more PAR webinar offerings!

Are you Ready2Go™?  Communicating your (Re)Opening Strategy

Your Cultural Center has received the green light to open….How will you communicate your strategy to employees, visitors and members?   Ready2Go™ can help with communicating that you are open.  Ready2Go™ is free and your members can receive up-to-date announcements from your cultural center regarding COVID-19 updates to include:

  • Social distancing requirements
  • Hours of operations to include visitor access/flow in the cultural center
  • Protective equipment (masks) requirements

Ready2Go™ is a dynamic app that streamlines the communication process by having the ability to notify individual of changes as the information goes directly to your phone.  Ready2Go™ eliminates the need to have a work issued device and caters to frontline staff who are mobile and may not have access to email.

 Contact Vi-ability today to learn more. Or visit their webpage here:


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