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IFCPP's Learning Management System

The IFCPP is now using a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage and deliver cutting-edge online training programs. Our goal is to offer all of our Certification Programs and other training and continuing education courses via this robust new e-Learning Platform. By doing this we can make IFCPP's cultural property protection training more accessible and flexible, to fit many learning styles and different cultural properties' needs. 

Member Discounts
For courses offered via the LMS, Members will be offered special discounted rates. A coupon code will be required to take advantage of discounts. Look for the "Do you have a Coupon Code" link during your purchase at Step 2. Checkout. These codes can be found here (you'll need an IFCPP member log-in to gain access this page).

LMS Sign-In
Currently, the LMS Platform is separate from the IFCPP website. If you are an IFCPP member and have a username and password for the IFCPP site, please note that while you can technically use the same sign-in information, the sites are NOT one and the same. If you are logged in to the IFCPP site, but then go to the LMS site, you will need to sign-in again. We hope to offer a single sign-on system in the future.

Your LMS Account Valid Dates
Your account in the LMS will remain active for 45 days*. During this time you can complete the course(s) you are enrolled in and come back to review the content. After 45 days your account will be temporarily de-activated to make room for other students, but your account information and profile(s) will remain intact. This means that if you try to sign-in after 45 days, you will receive an "Account Locked" message. If you would like your account to be re-activated so that you can purchase and/or take another course (or review previous course content), please email us at Remember, all of your information will be saved during the de-activation. When your account is re-activated you will still be able to see your previously completed courses and access your certificates.  You will only need to update your profile if any of your information has changed.  Please let us know if you'd like to retain access for more than 45 days, we are happy to adjust system parameters accordingly.

*(For some courses it may be fewer than 45 days. Your enrollment email will specify the amount.)

Bulk Purchasing
You are easily able to make a bulk purchase of any of our courses (for multiple students from one institution). During the registration process, the system will ask if you have the names and email addresses of the students that will be taking the course. If you know who will be taking the courses at the time of purchase, please go ahead and enter them. Those persons will be sent an invitation to the course immediately. If you do not know who will be taking the course, that is not a problem. You can still pre-purchase as many course enrollments as you like at an established price (including promotions), then sign-in to your account and assign purchased courses to specific students at a later date.


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