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The most important investment for cultural property protection professionals is IFCPP membership.
The IFCPP serves cultural property institutions and professionals with a trusted network for information sharing, training, certification, advocacy, resource-sharing, and professional connections. No other organization offers as much in-depth experience in addressing the evolving priorities and challenges of this unique and ever-changing field.

IFCPP Provides the Certification Standard for Cultural Property Protection Professionals.
We offer the only professional certification for individuals responsible for cultural property protection. Our multi-tiered program provides training and certification for frontline security officers as well as their supervisors and managers.

The IFCPP is now using a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver cutting-edge online training.
We can offer a variety of courses and continuing education opportunities via this robust new e-Learning Platform. By doing this we are making IFCPP's cultural property protection training more accessible and flexible, to fit many learning styles and different cultural properties' needs.

IFCPP just returned from our 19th Annual Conference at Hearst Castle and Cambria Pines Lodge in San Simeon and Cambria, California.

We will be announcing the 2019 dates and location for our 20th Annual Conference soon!


The International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection (IFCPP) is a membership-based non-profit organization recognized as the global authority on cultural property protection, professional standards, training and certification.

To elevate the expertise, ethical awareness and professionalism of our membership, the IFCPP provides professional development, training & certification, industry insights and analysis of technology trends, resources & best practices for security governance, and peer networking opportunities.

The Most Important Investment for Cultural Property Protection Professionals is an

IFCPP Membership

IFCPP provides 3 categories of membership with 1, 2, & 3 year terms.

Benefits include training and professional development, up to date industry development & solution resources, worldwide networking opportunities and much more...

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