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New England Chapter

The IFCPP New England Chapter was founded in 2006 by area security professionals who recognized the importance of establishing a group of individuals who share common goals and challenges in the cultural property field.

Today, we are the biggest Chapter in the organization and growing each year. Participation is at the highest it has been as we continue to support the development of security professionals through training, networking, chapter meetings, work-shops and presentations. The New England Chapter serves as a resource for members in and around Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Vermont.

New England Chapter

Austin Sharpe,
Heath Cummings
Richard Boardman,
Nick Haddon
Jack Cashman, CIPM II Timothy Gray, CIPM (Past-President) Gary Miville, CIPM II, CIPI
Bill Powers, CIPM II, CIPI
Phil Rando, CIPM II
Rick St. Hilaire, CIPM

Next NE Chapter Meeting
May 23, 2019

See below for minutes from  previous meetings. 

  • March 06, 2019 11:53 AM | Anonymous

    Marlborough, MA on Thursday, November 29, 2018

    Austin Sharpe (IFCPP NE Chapter President)
    Nick Haddon (Secretary/Treasurer), Addison Gallery
    Richard Boardman, Chapter Board Member, Yale
    Susan Rodrigues, Yale
    Rick St. Hilaire, Chapter Board Member, Cultural Heritage Lawyer Meg Wilson, Mount Auburn Cemetery
    Gregor Trinkaus-Randall, Stony Creek Consulting
    Charles Wilkinson, Addison Gallery
    Jeffry Stanley, Addison Gallery
    Jason Roy, Addison Gallery
    Brian Coleman, Addison Gallery
    Les Maloney, Addison Gallery
    John Michael Gariepy, Addison Gallery
    Cleighton Tourtellotte, Belfor Property Restoration
    Gerry McGonagle, General Manager, Belfor Property Restoration Hans Wetrup, Belfor Property Restoration
    Ernie Marvell, Belfor Property Restoration

    We thank Cleighton, Gerry, Hans and Ernie for hosting our visit. We had an in-depth tour of the facilities, presentation and workshop on responding, recovering and mitigating a wide range of cultural materials, from paper and books, to electronic media and textiles. Throughout the evening, Belfor enthusiastically shared their experience and expertise, demonstrating the range of equipment and extent of their facilities in Marlborough.

    Meeting Notes:
    The key steps in Belfor’s services are:

     1. PREPARE: as a minimum, a basic emergency response plan should include team members, communications and established contacts with companies that provide disaster response services.

    2. RESPOND: to stabilize the emergency and stop whatever is happening – for example, water leaks, electrical issues. One of Belfor’s objectives is to bring calmness to the situation.

    3. RECOVER: to create a plan of prioritized actions for artwork and buildings.

    4. MITIGATION: to stabilize, through recovery and reconstruction.

    During the tour, members discussed the value of COSTEP MA as a resource for information and support for the protection of cultural property.

    The role and value of volunteers was discussed; the advice was that, unless they are part of a response team, they should stay clear. The site should be secured as rapidly as possible and “freelancing” discouraged. The suggestion was to take the name, contact information of all potential volunteers, and say that they would be contacted if help was required.

    Belfor has seen increasing demand for dealing with mold in buildings. Perhaps the recent wet weather has been a significant contributing factor.

    Other subjects discussed at the meeting were:

    • Spills and falls and the value of surveillance video as evidence.
    • Richard Boardman recently saw a demonstration of a robot that inspects floors for potential slip/fall hazards.

    Nick Haddon
    IFCPP New England Secretary/Treasurer

  • March 06, 2019 11:38 AM | Anonymous

    IFCPP NE Chapter visited the Currier Museum of Art
    Manchester, NH on October 25, 2018.

    Austin Sharpe (IFCPP NE Chapter President)

    Nick Haddon (Secretary/Treasurer), Addison Gallery
    Fiaz Mohammad, Portland Museum of Art
    Mark Nelson, Currier Museum of Art
    Majeor Subri, Currier Museum of Art
    Robin Matses, Addison Gallery
    Janet Thoday, Addison Gallery
    Elaine Doucette, Addison Gallery
    Anna Gesing, Addison Gallery
    Charles Wilkinson, Addison Gallery
    Kara Phillips, Addison Gallery

    Joe Antanavich, RIBI Security
    Gilda Rossetti, Addison Gallery
    Dolores Mann, Addison Gallery
    Kristen Medwar, Addison Gallery

    Our sincere thanks go to Mark Nelson, Director of Facilities & Security and Majeor Subri of the Currier Museum for being such enthusiastic, generous and knowledgeable hosts.

    Tour of the Zimmerman House:
    The Isadore J. and Lucille Zimmerman House (1950) was designed by one of the world’s greatest modern architects, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). Wright designed the house, the interiors, all the furniture, the gardens and even the mailbox.

    In 1979, the building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Dr. and Mrs. Zimmerman left the property to the Currier in 1988. In 1990, the house and grounds were opened so that visitors could enjoy glimpses of a private world from the 1950s and 1960s, including the Zimmermans’ personal collection of modern art, pottery and sculpture. The Zimmerman House is a work of art. The only Wright home open to the public in New England, it is also one of only a few Wright buildings owned and operated by an art museum.

    Currier Museum of Art Tour:
    The Currier Museum of Art is an internationally renowned art museum with a permanent collection of about 13,000 American and European works of art, representing nearly every medium. The museum is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. The Currier features paintings, decorative arts, photographs and sculpture, including works by Picasso, Monet, O’Keeffe, Wyeth and LeWitt with exhibitions, tours and programs year-round.

    The chapter had a tour of the exhibition spaces and current exhibits, security, art handling and mechanical/HVAC facilities. During lunch we discussed security systems and guard operations, and the Currier’s plans for improvements.

    Other discussions:

    • Online crowd management course. Mark recommended the following course:
    • Mark also recommended checking out the International Facility Management Association
    • Security scheduling software.
    •  Sharing confidential operational, budget and manpower data.

    Many thanks to the Currier for hosting a wonderful visit.

    Nick Haddon
    IFCPP New England Secretary/Treasurer

  • March 06, 2019 11:31 AM | Anonymous

    IFCPP NE Chapter visited the Public Health Museum

    Tewksbury, Massachusetts, September 20, 2018 from 11:00am to 2:00pm. 

    As part of the Tewksbury Hospital, it was the first museum devoted to public health in America.


    Austin Sharpe (IFCPP NE Chapter President)

    Nick Haddon (Secretary/Treasurer), Addison Gallery

    Gary Miville, Chapter Board Member, RIBI Security

    Rick St. Hilaire, Chapter Board Member, Cultural Heritage Lawyer

    Charles Wilkinson, Addison Gallery

    Kara Phillips, Addison Gallery

    Charles Morano, SMG

    Skip Wilkins, SMG

    John Kozak, SMG

    Steven Landry, Maine Historical

    Joe Antanavich, RIBI Security

    Gilda Rossetti, Addison Gallery

    Dolores Mann, Addison Gallery

    Linda Perry, Public Health Museum

    Museum Tour:

    As both a cultural and educational institution, the Museum strives to preserve artifacts and records of our nation’s history in public health and serve as a resource to the community to educate and promote public health initiatives that address current health issues.

    The tour of the museum was led by Linda Perry and included the history of public health hospitals, infectious diseases (tuberculosis, smallpox, polio), patent medicines, mental health, dental health, nursing and education.

    The exhibits included many medical procedures that were pioneered in Boston hospitals and adopted by the Tewksbury Hospital.

    SMG Presentation

    Over lunch, SMG Corporate Services presented their active shooter training program.

    We are grateful to the guides at the Public Health Museum and SMG Corporation for their participation in the tour and the sharing of their knowledge and experience.

    Note that the next meeting of the Chapter will be at the Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH from 9:45am to 1:45pm on Thursday, October 25, 2018.

    Nick Haddon
    IFCPP New England Secretary/Treasurer

The IFCPP New England Chapter visited BELFOR PROPERTY RESTORATION in Marlborough, MA on Thursday, November 29 for its last gathering of 2018.


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