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Current Trends in Cultural Property Protection, a 20,000 Foot Overview and A Local View of Trends in Cultural Property Protection

  • April 11, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • East Bank Club, Chicago Illinois

Illinois Security Professionals Association
Educational Forum Series

This presentation, provides an overview of cultural property protection, from the world’s only member-based trade association serving this unique field, and one of the world’s premier cultural institutions. How does security, safety, and emergency preparedness in cultural institutions differ from security in other industries?

This session will discuss what resources are available to you locally, regionally, and nationally; and what type of collaborative partnerships and educational opportunities you can benefit from, regardless of the security sector in which you currently grow your career. Rob Layne and Lucio Ventura are proud to share the following take-aways: 

  • What is cultural property protection?
  • What makes cultural property protection unique from other segments of the security industry?
  • How can we enhance cooperation between organizations, associations, and varying security communities?
  • How can IFCPP assist ISPA members, including available resources for training, professional development, resource-sharing, and peer networking.
  • What are the most common threats facing cultural institutions, and how do they impact the security industry as a whole?
  • What unique considerations and current trends are we seeing in staffing cultural institutions in Illinois and beyond.
  • What do security technology programs look like in cultural facilities in 2019?
  • What new developments are taking place in Illinois cultural institutions currently?

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