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Targeted Violence, Mass Demonstrations, Cultural Property Protection: Are You Prepared? - July Webinar Series

  • July 07, 2020
  • 10:00 AM
  • December 31, 2025


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Targeted Violence, Mass Demonstrations, Cultural Property Protection: Are You Prepared? **

IFCPP is proud to partner with three prominent law enforcement and security trainers/consultants that offer extensive expertise and experience in dealing with civil unrest, counter-terrorism, crisis mitigation, threat assessment, large-scale violence de-escalation, agency collaboration, emergency response, and related leadership. Don’t miss this 3-part series as you prepare for the next wave of threats:

Part 1: “When Targeted Violence Knocks on Your Door”, Presented by Pat Welsh, JD

  • This presentation is a briefing-style presentation covering:

  • Strategies/action steps that you and your organization can take before a critical incident occurs (Targeted Violence or Mass Demonstration).
  • What to expect, and what you can do during an incident to prepare for Law Enforcement response and protocols.
  • What to expect post-incident, particularly with your staff, supporters/donors and visitors.

Part 2: "The 30 Second Behavioral Encounter:  How to Assess Visitors Who May Have Nefarious Intentions", Presented by Brig Barker

This 30-minute program provides training on how to behaviorally assess visitors to institutions, museums, and other facilities given only a limited timeframe. The focus will be on seeking to identify those with suspicious intentions, discreetly and professionally.  This technique enables a short-burn assessment with a lens on potential criminals, terrorists, or hate-group affiliates.

Part 3: "Securing the 2020 United States Civil Protest - The Practice of De-escalation During Civil Unrest", Presented by Stephen Komorek

This session is a 30-minute debrief (from an operational standpoint) on the recent and current protests happening around the U.S. The presenter provides a look into the practice of de-escalation, while protecting individuals, and securing locations during the 2020 protests. Participants get an inside look into best practices used during these events. This debrief will give senior leaders, and on the ground teams, working knowledge during protests. The lessons learned will allow protestors the freedom to exercise their voice while Executive Protection teams safeguard VIPs, News Teams and locations, while focusing on de-escalation. The presentation is an account from the standpoint of a Director of Operations, running simultaneous Ops during events taking place across the country. 


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