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Situational Awareness presented by Trident Manor Limited and the International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum (2nd Offering)

  • August 05, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


  • This is a LIVE event that will run approximately 4 hours. It will not be recorded.

    Registration is open through Tuesday, August 3

    A minimum number of registrants is required. If not reached the workshop will be rescheduled.

Registration is closed

This programme is designed to provide advice and guidance on how staff can enhance their levels of situational awareness to better protect themselves as well as colleagues, clients, and the public.

Having staff that are alert and vigilant to the threats that exist provides those working across different sectors with an additional layer of security. This is particularly important in the cultural heritage field, where venues often operate under financial constraints and may not be able to afford dedicated in-house security personnel active 24/7. Covid-19 has also made the situation worse, forcing many venues to operate with limited human resources. In order to continue guaranteeing the protection of cultural assets, be they buildings, collections or people (i.e. colleagues and the public), it is paramount to provide staff with the right skills to understand how threats can manifest and how to manage them. 

This programme is suitable for all members of staff and encourages proactive engagement in protective activities that help identify and mitigate some of the risks that exist.

The workshop discusses the concept of situational awareness and the use of senses to identify changes in the environment to pre-empt possible threats which can negatively impact the ability of workers to accomplish work tasks. PowerPoint, group discussions, and hands-on activities will help participants understand how to interpret information gathered through their senses.  

Finally, it describes factors that can negatively impact how people are alert and vigilant, and it identifies proactive actions that can be taken to prevent being caught in a ‘victim state’. 

This will be a LIVE event, via Zoom, that will run approximately 4 hours.

A minimum number of registrants is required. If not reached the workshop will be rescheduled.

**Discount is available for 5 or more people attending from the same institution. Contact us before purchasing to receive the discount.**

About the presenter:  Valentina Sabucco is a Security and Risk Management Consultant at Trident Manor Limited, where she leads on the creation, development, and delivery of training programmes about security and risk management in the cultural heritage sector, and she is involved in the delivery of consultancy services to cultural venues. Valentina is also social media manager of the International Art and Antiquities Security Forum and Manager of Communications and Media Relations for Kermes Journal. With a degree in Classics by the Università Cattolica of Milan (110/110), she graduated with Distinction from Newcastle University with a degree in Heritage Studies.

For two years, she has worked as part of the Secretariat of Blue Shield International, an international NGO dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage in the event of armed conflict, and UK Blue Shield (where she is now an Observer), and she has volunteered for cultural sites and institutions such as Durham World Heritage Site and World Heritage UK. For her work, commitment, and passion in the cultural sector, Valentina was selected by UNESCO to participate as a Youth Representative from Italy in the 11th UNESCO Youth Forum, held in Paris in November 2019. Since then, she has acted as co-coordinator of the project UNESCO Global Youth Community aimed at establishing a global network to facilitate advocacy, partnerships, peer-learning opportunities among young people around the world. Valentina is a member of ASIS International, ICOMOS Italy, and ESACH (European Students’ Association for Cultural Heritage).


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