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July 11, 2017 1:53 PM | Office IFCPP (Administrator)

What's New For You!

Inovonics, an industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial intrusion detection and mobile duress applications invites you to come see our newest products.

EN7017 Survey Kit and App

  • Provides security integrators with a wireless blueprint in advance of installing devices, allowing the quick preparation of accurate quotes
  • Available on Android or iOS mobile devices
  • Click HERE to learn more

EN1752 Temperature Detector

  • Easily adds temperature monitoring into an Inovonics system with no third party hardware integration
  • Compatible with Honeywell T280R probe for external monitoring applications
  • Click HERE to learn more

EN1751 Wireless Water Detector

  • Early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances and standing water when used with the Honeywell FP280 probe, sold separately
  • Alarms upon detection of 1/4" non-distilled water 
  • Click HERE to learn more

EN1244 Smoke Detector

  • Features an onboard sounder, a smoke sensor, and LED indicator and local test capability to allow the user total visibility of it's functionality
  • UL268 and California State Fire Marshall (CSFM) regulatory approvals
  • Click HERE to learn more