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Today’s Security Professionals Wear Multiple Hats to Meet Client Needs

June 27, 2018 3:11 PM | Office IFCPP (Administrator)

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From welcoming guests with a warm friendly smile to giving directions to the nearest ATM to recommending the best local restaurant, the role that security personnel play in a building has changed dramatically over the past few years and is still evolving.

Property professionals wear many hats, and that’s true for security personnel as well. A security team may perform a wide variety of tasks as a concierge or lobby ambassador for a property. Security professionals may go the extra mile, escorting visitors and tenants to their vehicles after hours, putting out umbrellas during inclement weather and even delivering critical medical services. Many commercial building owners and managers view these traits as crucial elements of an outstanding security program, necessary to add a special touch for a positive tenant, employee and visitor experience.

Security personnel’s uniforms make them easily recognizable, so that people can quickly seek them out for assistance—and not just in an emergency. Their commanding presence acts as a crime deterrent and gives customers peace of mind.

As property teams become more and more customer-service oriented and office workers work longer hours, the role of the security team has expanded to include the following roles: 

Caretaker: Assisting everyone who enters the building requires a high level of customer care. Security personal can take ownership of lobby and visitor management services and technologies to make every visit enjoyable and productive.

Greeter: Security professionals build relationships and welcome staff and tenants by name, offering a personalized level of service.

Custodian: As important custodians of the building and its tenants, security professionals know who should and should not have building access, allowing them to quickly make important security decisions.

First Responder: Trained security professionals can even save lives by delivering first aid, CPR and emergency medical services.

A security professional is often the first representative people see upon entering the building, whether they are a regular occupant or a one-time visitor. This role has the potential to make a big impact on meeting tenant and visitor expectations.

For building owners, a balanced, integrated approach of employing the right mix of security professionals, services and technology can provide the best possible tenant experience. The future of building security means being there for building tenants and their needs—no matter what or when.

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