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Saturday, May 6:
Pre-Conference Excursions to Local Cultural Institutions

Sunday, May 7:
Pre-Conference Excursions to Local Cultural Institutions
Evening Welcome Reception & On-Site Registration at the Hilton Bayfront

Monday, May 8:
General Sessions
Group Lunch
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Optional Group Networking Dinner 

Tuesday, May 9:
General Sessions
Group Lunch
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Optional Group Networking Dinner

Wednesday, May 10:
General Sessions
Group Lunch
Optional Group Networking Dinner
Conference Close

Conference Sessions (more to come soon):

Active Assailants: Prevention, Mitigation and Defense
Activists and Art: Preserving Our Cultural Heritage
Dali Museum Programs
Confiscation of Trafficked Artifacts: Laws, Risks, and Prevention
Developing an Internal Crisis Management Team
Disaster Planning Exercise
Fire Prevention During the Renovation of Cultural Properties
High Performance Disaster Leadership: The Secret to Elevating Employees from Doom-and-Gloom to Boom-and-Zoom
Innovation Labs: Cultivating a Curious Eye
Latest Trends: A Topical Discussion
Leadership Development
Leveraging Relationships to Fill Knowledge Gaps
Mastering De-Escalation - Verbal Jutsu: Techniques to De-Escalate Any Situation
Mental Health: Arming Your Security Team to Approach with Care
Q&A Panel and Breakout Discussions
Officer Training Orientation & Continuing Education
Reducing Risk Through Good Collections Management
Reducing Risk Through Good Collections Management 
Security During a Major Renovation
Systems and Technology Updates

Keynote Speaker:

Patrick Hardy is founder and CEO of Hytropy Disaster Management™, the largest full-service disaster management company in the US. A Certified Emergency Manager®, Certified Risk Manager®, Master Business Continuity Professional®, and a FEMA Master of Exercise® he has extensive experience working in the public, private and non-profit sectors in disaster management from micro-businesses to Fortune 500 companies including Google, Merck, Parsons Corporations, and many others. During the BP Oil Spill in 2010, he designed and oversaw the emergency response program for thousands of employees in three states for Unified Area Command.

He is recognized as the foremost expert in disaster preparedness in over a dozen industries, having invented plans now considered best practice in that industry. In the summer of 2012, he became the youngest person and the first business owner ever selected as the National Private Sector Representative to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Patrick is considered the world’s leading expert in small business disaster preparedness, having worked with tens of thousands of organizations and families (including High-Net Worth family offices). He has been published in dozens of industry journals and periodicals, as well as popular media outlets including Parade Magazine, Today, and Yahoo!. He has been a featured expert on family disaster preparedness on Good Morning America, PA Live!,and NBC and CBS affiliates throughout the US.

Patrick is recognized as one of the premier public speakers in the world on disaster management, having spoken in over 900 venues around the world. A seasoned disaster professional, he assisted the American Red Cross during multiple major activations, including at the Emergency Operations Center as a Site Director at the Louisiana State EOC and as a Shelter Manager.  He has been cross-trained and certified in HAZMAT, Emergency Communications, Homeland Security Policy, and Terrorism. Patrick began his career in EMS ambulance first response, eventually becoming a visiting instructor to the National EMS Academy’s paramedic program, and wrote the chapters on disaster preparedness, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction for the new Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Textbook for use in the US National Curriculum.

His first book, Design Any Disaster: The Revolutionary Blueprint to Master Your Next Crisis or Emergency will be available throughout the US and Amazon on March 7th.

Keynote Topic:

High Performance Disaster Leadership: The Secret to Elevating Employees from Doom-And-Gloom to Boom-and-Zoom!

In the "Age of Disasters", as crises and emergencies have become more complex and with greater risks to cultural organizations than ever before, cooperative participation from employees becomes a critical element to preventing it from becoming a major disruptive event. When minutes can separate success and failure for an organization with razor thin margins, every decision counts.

Traditional emergency plans, training, and drills can be the tools for a successful response, but they are rendered completely useless when employees are provided "doom-and-gloom" scenarios that totally unempower them in a situation when they could be the key element to succeeding during an emergency.

In this highly interactive and exciting discussion, 20-year emergency manager, crisis leadership expert, and master trainer Patrick Hardy will outline the key secret to developing a high-performance disaster culture that elevates employees and volunteers from simply passive bystanders to fully-functional elite disaster teams, multiplying their impact during an emergency.


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