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Continuing Education Lectures

We are excited to announce that we are now offering online opportunities for Continuing Education via individual video lectures on our LMS. These lectures are recordings of some of our top presenters and industry experts speaking on a wide variety of cultural property security topics. 

Each video completed will give the student 5 Continuing Education Units (CEU) to go towards re-certification of IFCPP Certificates.

Each video is available for individual purchase at $45 eachIFCPP Members will be able to purchase multiples for 20% off each one (with a Coupon Code - click here and log in to get the Members Only coupon codes).
To make a Bulk Purchase of any individual video, please contact us.

Lecture lengths vary, but are shown in the online store description.

Video Lecture Topics:
Please note, some of these videos are part of our CIPM Certification Curriculum. If you have already purchased CIPM, do not purchase those videos. They are clearly marked as such below and in the description in the online store.

  1. Active Shooter and Staff Awareness (part of CIPM)
  2. Emergency Management Planning  (part of CIPM)
  3. Hiring and Termination - The Right Way (part of CIPM)
  4. Internal Theft Protection
  5. It's An Emergency! So Who's In Charge?
  6. Security Technology Update  (part of CIPM)
  7. Exhibit Protection Considerations
  8. Improving the Effectiveness of Security Electronics Through Policies and Procedure
  9. The Role of Museum Security in Disasters and Emergencies
  10. Fire Risk Analysis and Control  (part of CIPM)
  11. Fire Systems - Detection, Suppression, and Oxygen Systems
  12. Guard Force Management  (part of CIPM)
  13. Staying Out of Court - Litigation Avoidance  (part of CIPM)
  14. Making Patrols Work For You  (part of CIPM)

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