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Certification Options for the Certified Institutional
Security Supervisor (CISS) 

The International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection offers quality training and certification for security supervisors working in cultural, educational, or public institutions. Our Certified Institutional Security Supervisor (CISS) certification program is available in a live format.

IFCPP's requirements for CISS supervisor certification include active membership, institutional protection experience, evidence of a clear criminal history, final approval by the IFCPP Certification Team, and completion of live or correspondence coursework and examination, and required reading (Safeguarding Cultural Properties).

Security officers in every environment are instructed to call for a supervisor at the first sign of trouble. Supervisors are expected to have direct knowledge and understanding of the institution’s rules, policies, and procedures, in order to enforce them. This workshop covers the proper approach, methodology, and professionalism required.

Qualified candidates must be in an active role of supervision for contract or proprietary security officers with a minimum of two years experience in a security, law enforcement, or an active duty military position. Candidates must also be actively employed in a supervisory position, or about to begin serving in a supervisory capacity.

CISS - Live Coursework

CISS - 2-Day Workshop begins with a full day of classroom sessions covering these topics:

  • Officer Code of Conduct
  • Leadership by Example
  • Wearing the Uniform
  • Conducting an Inspection
  • Conducting a Briefing
  • Emergency Response
  • Report Writing/Documentation
  • Use of Force
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Legal Rights/Restrictions
  • Safe and Effective Patrolling
  • Emergency Evacuation/Lockdown

Required reading: Safeguarding Cultural Properties 
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Following the first day’s sessions, candidates will participate in “hands-on” live scenarios during which they will be expected to analyze a situation, make the proper approach, and take initial steps to resolve the situation. A critique and recommendations will follow each scenario. Each candidate will participate in a minimum of two live scenarios as well as to observe and comment on others. There are thirty scenarios in the program, derived from institutional input and the recommendations of a number of protection managers.

A brief written exam will follow presentation and participation in live scenarios.


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